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In my clean girl era


I never knew I would be a blog girly but here I am! I decided to create a blog to inspire, share, and create things I am passionate about and love!

I wanted to keep this blog more on the private side of things, I'm not ready to share a lot of personal information yet, but you can call me Mimi.

As you can tell in the title, YES I am officially in my "Clean girl era". We can thank TikTok for that. The posts that have been sticking out to me consists of " the clean girl" or "Organize with me"kind of videos. Those videos just stick out to me, and they really inspire me. I didn't want to be so much as a "Clean girl" because of the aesthetic, but I wanted a clean lifestyle. A whole life style shift. Its more of a mindset, being intentional, and having healthy habits and routine. So come along as I find myself, and become my own kind of "Clean girl".

First, I had to come up with some ideas, daily habits that made a clean life. So I decided to make this first post about something I am very passionate about.

SKINCARE: Your skin deserves to be blessed daily.

Honestly, I have always been into skincare since I have been a little girl. My mother had the most perfect skin, and she told me to wash my face every morning and night. I didn't really listen until high school, and I didn't really understood the importance of it because I never really had ache. Its not about the ache, but its refreshing your skin, giving it a redo every morning and night. I love these products.

I will be taking these products to the grave. They're not the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive. I use these every night and morning and let me know you. I seriously GLOW. I'm a stickler when it comes to my face, I used that awful stuff in high school and my face has PTSD scars all over it. Thankfully, these products are slowing undoing that skin damage.

I usually put this on my face once a week, just to kick start the week in a good direction. Not only is it good for my skin to detox, but it also is very calming to my anxious soul. I don't know how to describe it, its peaceful, okay? I love this mask over everything.

THIS LOTION. I used to be a swim instructor and coach, and let me tell you. The chlorine was so much on my skin. I would smell like chlorine even after showering. I didn't grow hair on my legs for years. IDK why honestly but I never shave my legs anymore because they grow so slowly. Chlorine ruined my skin. Until I found this gem. I LOVE THIS. I WOULD DIE for this. Its so creamy, yet its light on the skin. Annnnd I got rid of the chlorine smell. Thank God because dating was rough while you were smelling like a pool all the time.

We love some clean products. This body wash not only smells amazing but definitely gets the job done. I'm pretty anal about my products, and I usually switch body washes more than anything and I have to say, this one is the most refreshing, moisturizing one I've tried thus far. I also have sensitive armpits ( For those who know, KNOW) and I use Native deodorant as well. Definitely a golden find.

I didn't realize how important skincare was until a few years ago. And it is SO important. Your skin deserves the best, YOU deserve the best. A clean girl isn't about being clean all the time, or having the most expensive products. It's about taking care of yourself. Self care. Self love. We're here for that, am I right??

Its about 10 at night now, so imma gonna peace out to do my skincare routine, but until then, here's just some food for thought.

Love, Mimi.


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